Line System Info

Advanced Temperature Monitoring System(ATMS) has developed a real-time temperature profiling system called “THE BOX” and Line Speed Calculator(LSC). When used together your company will have the ability to make informed decisions while the part is still in the oven. THE BOX with the LSC will help you determine the best line speed to optimize oven cure times for each part. THE BOX gives you the ability to watch the substrate temperature as it travels through the oven, which makes it extremely efficient in helping you optimize your oven. By using THE BOX and LSC you have the potential of paying for it in a short period of time. THE BOX is similarly priced to competitors’ USB systems. Our system allows you to ensure your parts are cured to the manufacture specifications, which enhances your quality.

How does THE BOX and LSC work? Enter the numbers in black into the LSC as shown below. Hang THE BOX by the first part that’s going into the oven. THE BOX software is recording in real-time the substrate temperature and how long the part has been in the oven. From the real-time data on our software read how long the part has been in the oven once the part reaches PMT (see below). Input this data in the box highlighted blue (OVEN TIME TO PMT).


-PMT (Part Metal Temperature) substrate temperature needed to start the curing process

BUFFER CURE TIME – To account for fluctuations in building temperature that may affect substrate temperature before entering the oven. Enter in whatever your process needs.

– Cure time needed is calculated as POWDER CURE TIME (@PMT) + BUFFER CURE TIME. In this example, its 11 minutes

 Enter into the LSC numbers that are in black, the numbers in red are then calculated for you.

  • OVEN CURE LENGTH – Input the length of your oven for cure time
  • LINE SPEED – Input the current line speed for product
  • CURE TEMPERATURE – Input the manufacture’s powder cure temperature
  • POWDER CURE TIME – Input the manufacture’s powder cure time
  • BUFFER CURE TIME (sandman) – Input the buffer time of YOUR CHOICE to ensure powder is cured
  • OVEN TIME TO PMT – Input the oven time recorded from ATMS software to reach PMT
  • CURRENT OVEN POSITION – Calculates distance part has traveled to reach PMT
  • TIME LEFT – Calculates time left after PMT for powder cure before optimization
  • TOTAL OVEN TIME – Calculates oven time before optimization
  • OPTIMIZED LINE SPEED – Calculates new optimized line speed
  • OPTIMIZED OVEN TIME – Calculates new optimized oven time
  • PARTS – Input the number of parts in current run
  • PARTS/ft – Input the number of parts hung on your line per ft
  • OVEN TIME DIFFERENCE – Calculates Cure time before optimization minus Cure time after optimization
  • TOTAL TIME SAVED – Calculates total time saved on parts processed in current run


The LSC calculates your optimized line speed when you record the OVEN TIME TO PMT taken from our software. You would have saved approximately 18 minutes by using our system in the above example. Imagine the amount of time you might be able to save by using our system on all your products. If you could pick up 3 hours a month that has the potential to pay for THE BOX in several months after that it’s profit, year after year. It also helps ensure the quality of your work by knowing the product is cured. THE BOX and the LSC allows you to efficiently optimize your oven at a very affordable price.